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  1. Ann Parker says:

    I kept wondering about Winter’s book about Diego Rivera. Interestingly, I read Frida Kahlo written in Spanish by Winter and illustrated by Ana Juan. On the back of the book there is information about Frida which contextualizes her life, the story. This time the story flows in Spanish, as I read I felt I was getting to know the women, the artist…. I liked the part that says, “Pinta lo que ven sus ojos y lo que siente su corazón. Es casi como colorear fotografías.” What do you think about the illustrations?
    I read the English version of this book. I like this one better than Winter’s Diego book, although in this one Winter does not include Frida’s relationship with Diego, just as he doesn’t discuss Frida in the Diego book. I think that any biography/book about either artist should have some mention of the other since they contributed to each other’s work so much.
    I like the illustrations in this one better. They are move evocative of both Frida’s and Diego’s work. The artist explaines in a Note at the end that she chose to use traditional Mexican folk art characters like skeletons, devils and jaguars since that is what Frida had around her house, and she would have grown up with these characters.
    I enjoyed this one move than Winter’s Diego book; I felt that, even as a picture book, it brought more of Frida’s life and work to life.

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