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Worlds of Words: Center of Global Literacies and Literatures builds bridges across global cultures through children’s and adolescent literature.

WOW’s physical collection is closed and will be so for the foreseeable future. Rather than guess at a re-open date, we will make an announcement when that information is confirmed by the University of Arizona, the College of Education, the TLSS Department and the Director of WOW. Programming continues where possible, notably with the WOW Teen Reading Ambassadors, and this website continues to update with new content weekly. Questions can be sent to

WOW News
Eva Halvax compares a panel from Alma with the original illustration in the WOW Studio.UPDATE: We are looking into how we may provide a virtual tour through this exhibition. Watch for news on this effort through social media or by subscribing to our e-newsletter. Brutal honesty connects award winning illustrators Juana Martinez-Neal and Molly Idle. A new exhibit of original illustrations and picturebooks puts this partnership front and center at the Worlds of Words: Center for Global Literacies and Literatures in the University of Arizona College of Education. Critique to Support and Stretch: A Conversation between Juana Martinez-Neal and Molly Idle is free and open to the public who are encouraged to take in the exhibit and engage in visual critique. It will be on display in Worlds of Words now through August. For more information on the exhibit, see our press release.

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WOW Currents
Cover for Paws + Edward depicts a boy in repose on the back of a giant romping dog.Susan Corapi considers the big issues to think about with children in terms of daily life during this pandemic, grappling with overt racism, ongoing issues around immigration policy and other daily news. One way of helping children develop social emotional health is to discuss global stories that introduce another perspective. Her hope is that these stories can be used to support young people in their growing understanding of how ethnic, racial and cultural divides are created and propagated and how they can be healed in a peaceful way.

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My Take/Your Take
The Bridge Home cover depicts four children and a dog running over a bridge with a city skyline in the warm orange background.This month, Holly Johnson and Jean Schroeder look at books that address the concept of home and how that concept might be different from the typical or stereotypical. With The Bridge Home by Padma Venkatraman, they begin with a group of orphans living under a bridge in Chennai, India, and then they move to a book about a young girl who understands home is where her dog is. Holly and Jean then discuss a longer migration that involves moving from Syria to the U.S., and they end with the concept of home perhaps being an object of hope we can hold in our hands, keep in our hearts or imagine with our minds.

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WOW Stories and WOW Review are accepting submissions. Our two online journals are available to you without subscription, membership, or fee requirements. We are proud to offer these journals and want to hear from you. E-mail us with questions, feedback, and submissions.

WOW Review
Book cover for Wangari Maathai
WOW Review: Reading Across Cultures is a regular on-line publication of Worlds of Words containing reviews of selected books to be published quarterly. The reviews are careful examinations of the books, primarily focused on the cultural authenticity of the text and illustrations. If you would like to submit to WOW Review, please see our current call and guidelines. ISSN 2577-0527

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WOW Stories
Estevan's Song, WOW Stories V5 I4 WOW Stories: Connections from the Classroom is a regular on-line publication of Worlds of Words containing vignettes written by educators about children’s experiences reading and responding to literature. If you would like to submit to WOW Stories, please see our current call and guidelines. ISSN 2577-0551

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WOW Libros
Un nido para Fito por Lía SchenckWOW Libros: Leyendo entre palabras is a regular on-line publication of Worlds of Words containing spanish-language reviews of spanish-language books. If you would like to submit to WOW Libros, please see our current call guidelines.

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