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WOW News
Young woman examines Ali Mitgutsch books closely.A thousand stories await discovery on every page of a wimmelbook: Where is the girl with the balloon going? And the dog with the bone? Why are those two boys wrestling? In 1968, Ali Mitgutsch created his first wimmelbook in Germany, Rundherum in meiner Stadt (All Around My Town), and since then these picturebooks have become a regular presence in many children’s libraries. For a limited time, Arizonans can take in The Whole World on One Page: International Wimmelbooks at the Worlds of Words Center of Global Literacies and Literatures (WOW) in the UArizona College of Education. Read More…

Young woman locates illustrations in picturebooks that correspond to the original art.Mary J. Wong, renowned collector of art and signed, first-edition children’s picturebooks, donated sixteen original picturebook illustrations to the Worlds of Words (WOW) Center of Global Literacies and Literatures in the UArizona College of Education. The donation includes works from some of the most notable children’s picturebooks published in recent years – including art by illustrators attending the Tucson Festival of Books. Read More…

WOW Reads podcast logo is the WOW logo of a globe in motion behind a stylized microphoneThe Worlds of Words Center launched a new podcast called “WOW Reads” that centers the voices of teens and pre-teens around literature for young people. The podcast, which currently has four episodes of about 15 minutes each and a bonus episode, features WOW Center Reading Ambassadors discussing books after having met the authors of those books. Several of the authors they discuss will attend the Tucson Festival of Books, which the Reading Ambassadors encourage the public to attend. Read More…

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WOW Currents
A young Black girl with pigtails looks out the window of a brick building.It is hard to imagine the profound loss evolving in the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake in Turkey last month. For most of us, the loss of family members compounded by the loss of home is almost incomprehensible. This month, Charlene, Bobbi, Karen and Grace contemplate home from multiple perspectives – home as a place, the people within a home, and home as a feeling. Six picturebooks invite students alongside teachers and family members to consider the comfort of home as well as frequently overlooked perspectives (i.e., homelessness, refugee status, life in a shelter).

University of Arizona garden with three saguarosWe the People: Migrant Waves in the Making of America, an institute sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities, challenged the perception that migration is a recent negative phenomenon. This special series features pieces written by institute participants.

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WOW Dozen
Girl seated on the floor plays a snare drum.Music can impact the lives of children in a variety of ways and biographies of musicians can show the effects music has had on specific individuals. This month, Janelle Mathis has gathered a dozen titles that reflect the challenges and successes of musicians in narratives that provide young readers with new insights to the significance of music in these lives and the potential influences in their own lives.

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WOW Stories
Image of a group of four young children rolling balloons in a tray of flour. In the back are two red balloons, while the children closer to the camera ar eusing green (left side) and white (right side).WOW Stories: Connections from the Classroom is a regular on-line publication of Worlds of Words containing vignettes written by educators about children’s experiences reading and responding to literature. If you would like to submit to WOW Stories, please see our current call and guidelines. ISSN 2577-0551

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WOW Review
rabbit with an over the shoulder pouch points down a pathwayWOW Review: Reading Across Cultures is a regular on-line publication of Worlds of Words containing reviews of selected books to be published quarterly. The reviews are careful examinations of the books, primarily focused on the cultural authenticity of the text and illustrations. If you would like to submit to WOW Review, please see our current call and guidelines. ISSN 2577-0527

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WOW Libros
Cover of Maria la dura en: no quiero ser ninja depicting a girl with short brown hair in a yellow karate gi, one hand extended to chop the viewer. She is in space and in the background behind her is a large ball of fire.WOW Libros: Leyendo entre palabras is a regular on-line publication of Worlds of Words containing Spanish-language reviews of Spanish-language books. If you would like to submit to WOW Libros, please see our current call guidelines.

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