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Worlds of Words: Center of Global Literacies and Literatures builds bridges across global cultures through children’s and adolescent literature.

The WOW Center is now accepting reservations for field trips and tours! We have opened according to guidelines from the University of Arizona, the College of Education, the TLS Department and the Director of WOW. Visit our Field Trips and Tours page to find our online application or to learn more about our offerings–including virtual visits!

WOW News
Worlds of Words opens its newest exhibit, Around the World in 70 Maps: Three Centuries of Cartographic Treasures from Children’s Literature, making it the first venue in the U.S. to show this imaginative collection from the International Youth Library (IYL) in Munich, Germany. “This set of posters and books provides global perspectives on mapping as a way we make sense of our lives and sort out significance and relationships in the world, not just in story,” says Short. Read more about this exciting news.

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WOW Currents
This month, WOW Currents focuses audiobooks and videobooks as new ways of engaging with literature. This will especially highlight the benefits of using these new ways of reading for children who are learning remotely and teachers who are searching for ways to encourage reading in their students.

University of Arizona garden with three saguarosWOW Currents presents a special themed series that will publish over the course of an extended period that focuses on a seminar for K-12 teachers hosted by faculty in the UArizona College of Education and sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Drawing teachers from across the U.S., we looked at the histories and movements of people in what is now Arizona and considered ways to invite students of all ages into our inquiries. Our institute, We the People: Migrant Waves in the Making of America, challenged the perception that migration is a recent negative phenomenon. This special series features pieces written by institute participants. We are impressed and moved by their work, and we hope you will be as well.

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My Take/Your Take
For the month of September, Jean Schroeder and Holly Johnson give their takes on four pieces of historical fiction that are relevant to current issues. They also revisit two novels that are considered classic novels while introducing a couple of newer historical fiction novels that are relevant parts of longer conversations addressing displacement, gender, the environment, race, struggle, and advocacy. .

Take a look at our thematic index of books featured on My Take/Your Take. We also have an archive of My Take/Your Take books.

∞ WOW Stories, WOW Review and WOW Libros are accepting submissions. Our online journals are available to you without subscription, membership or fee requirements. We are proud to offer these journals and want to hear from you. E-mail us with questions, feedback and submissions.

WOW Stories
Image of a group of four young children rolling balloons in a tray of flour. In the back are two red balloons, while the children closer to the camera ar eusing green (left side) and white (right side).WOW Stories: Connections from the Classroom is a regular on-line publication of Worlds of Words containing vignettes written by educators about children’s experiences reading and responding to literature. If you would like to submit to WOW Stories, please see our current call and guidelines. ISSN 2577-0551

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WOW Review
Book cover for Wangari MaathaiWOW Review: Reading Across Cultures is a regular on-line publication of Worlds of Words containing reviews of selected books to be published quarterly. The reviews are careful examinations of the books, primarily focused on the cultural authenticity of the text and illustrations. If you would like to submit to WOW Review, please see our current call and guidelines. ISSN 2577-0527

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WOW Libros
Cover of Maria la dura en: no quiero ser ninja depicting a girl with short brown hair in a yellow karate gi, one hand extended to chop the viewer. She is in space and in the background behind her is a large ball of fire.WOW Libros: Leyendo entre palabras is a regular on-line publication of Worlds of Words containing Spanish-language reviews of Spanish-language books. If you would like to submit to WOW Libros, please see our current call guidelines.

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