Lon Po Po (Paperstar)

In this Chinese version of the classic fairy tale, a mother leaves her three children home alone while she goes to visit their grandmother. When the children are visited by a wolf, pretending to be their Po Po, or granny, they let him in the house, but ultimately are not fooled by his deep voice and hairy face. Combining ancient Chinese panel art techniques with a contemporary palette of watercolors and pastels, this story brings lessons about strangers, trust, and courage to a new generation.

One thought on “Lon Po Po (Paperstar)

  1. Meghan Gebhardt says:

    Lon Po Po, translated and illustrated by Ed Young is a wonderful picture book help foster a multi-cultural library in the classroom. The story of three young sisters left alone, only to be fooled by a hungry wolf is a perfect story to use along with “Little Red Riding Hood”. Children will be able to compare and contrast between both versions of the classic. A discussion can be held around the lesson that is learned in both stories, and the fact that this lesson is shared between more than one culture. Not only does Ed Young translate the story well, but does a beautiful job illustrating each scene. The vivid pictures pull the reader directly into the book!

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