Tiger Moon

Fate brings together a talking tiger, a doomed princess, and a rascally thief in a thrilling, old-fashioned tale from an exciting, internationally acclaimed new talent. How does a story of India begin?Does it begin with the three rivers—the Ganges, the Yamuna, the unseen Sarasvati pouring her dreaming waters down from the snowy mountains to the hot, dry plain? Like other great storytellers of India, newcomer Antonia Michaelis weaves a tale that is grand in spirit and earthy in humor. She introduces the young thief Farhad, master of many disguises but not of his own heart, who, with the help of a sarcastic tiger, must save a Hindu princess from marriage to a demon king. It is the unlikely friendship between boy and tiger, and the sacrifice their journey demands, that is the soul of this lushly told, beautifully felt novel. Praise for Tiger Moon from the foreign press “The most beautiful and important adolescent book of the season”  —Libri Harry Pooh “Antonia Michaelis has succeeded in writing a wonderful and exciting novel, which is thrilling to the last page. You want to read more of her!”  —Der Tagesspiegel

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2 thoughts on “Tiger Moon

  1. Angelique Reed says:

    The book Tiger Moon was a really entertaining, interesting, and funny book. Though it may not seem like it.
    The book was long but in each page it had thrilling adventure, from white tigers to Buddha trees all the way to cow fights! It will never keep you bored, always interested.
    Something I really like that was in the book was when the lady and the servant boy become friends, and they share something they hold very special to one another; their religion. She tells him stories throughout the book about gods. It seems like it acts as her escape in her life.
    In the stories she tells, she talks about a chosen man who is sent by the god to go rescue a woman from her inslavery and set her free. In her real life she is enslaved as well. She wishes to leave and be free. She knows that if that doesn’t happen… she’ll be killed.
    As the stories goes on it gets deeper and deeper with more emotion and danger with every flip of the page. She struggles to fight for her life, her freedom and her right to live, as the man fights to save the lady before it’s too late. Each step gets harder and harder but nothing is impossible even if it’s how it seems.
    I would recommend this book to people who like to read thrilling, adventurous book. It’s a bit long but you won’t regret reading it!

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