In My Family / En Mi Familia

From the author of Family Pictures/Cuadros de familia comes a second book that returns readers once again to the town of Kingsville, Texas, near the border with Mexico. Through ful-color paintings and warm personal stories, Garza brings to life more loving memories of growing up in a traditional Mexican American community.

2 thoughts on “In My Family / En Mi Familia

  1. Nicole Y. says:

    This exquisite book of short stories each accompanied by a reproduction of one of Garza’s paintings is a visual journey through Garza’s upbringing as a Mexican American in Texas. Each painting visually describes a memory from her childhood, focusing on her family’s cultural heritage and the traditions and daily events that arose from it. The richness of her paintings’ messages of pride and ownership of one’s identity are powerful in-and-of themselves, but Garza has included a short vignette further describing the details and context of each painting as well as her personal response to the scene portrayed. In addition, the book’s dual-language text reaches English and Spanish speakers alike, further supporting Garza’s purpose in publishing this book as a way to celebrate her Chicana identity and educate outsiders on the richness of this culture.

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