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  1. Barbara Thompson Boo says:

    Another Kate Greenaway winner for Emily Gravett, Wolves is a clever book recounting information Rabbit learns as he reads a book about wolves he has checked out of the library.

    Facts he learns begin with wolves live in packs of 2-10 animals (illustration: seven wolves emerging from a packing carton, teeth baring!) to Wolves enjoy smaller animals like beavers, voles and . . .! (illustration: rabbit has been working his way across the back of a wolf and is now in the wolf’s cross eyes! He looks a little worried- the rabbit, not the wolf!) Turn the page: Rabbits with a shredded book cover! The next page has a disclaimer: “The author would like to point out that no rabbit were eaten during the making of this book.”
    She then provides an alternative ending.

    Once again, Gravett blends humor with fact to engage the reader in a romp through the book. Illustrations this time are watercolor with pastel or crayon rendered Wolf. Readers will enjoy finding the wolf in the shape of a tree, illutions to Little Red Riding Hood and mail at the end echoing Mareekat Mail and The Rabbit Problem.

    Wolves is Emily Gravett at her best!

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