Meerkat Mail

Sunny Meerkat lives in the Kalahari desert with his family. Under the hot sun, Sunny and his brothers and sisters work together, play together, eat together, learn together, and sleep together. Sunny needs a break, so he decides to take a trip to visit some relatives. Through a series of postcards–that actually flip open for children to read–Sunny documents his journey for his family. But as he travels from the barnyard through the forest to the city, Sunny realizes there’s no place like home.

See the review at WOW Review, Volume 5, Issue 1

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5 thoughts on “Meerkat Mail

  1. Robinn Van Fleet says:

    In this entertaining tale, Sunny, a meerkat from the Kalahari Desert, finds himself on a one week journey of self discovery. He quickly discovers that he is well suited for hot, sunny weather and a VERY close family, “Stay safe, stay together.” Readers will enjoy the fold out postcards which include humorous and clever text and illustrations. One young reader stated that she was very glad that Sunny returned home!

    Meerkat Mail is a perfect book to jumpstart an animal habitat or animal communities unit and/or an introduction to letter writing. What fun!

  2. J. Harmens says:

    Everyone can relate to relatives that are always around, in your space, never giving you a moment’s peace. That is how Sunny feels in Meerkat Mail. He lives with his large extended Meerkat family in the Kalahari Desert, and wishes he could live somewhere else – somewhere where his family is NOT. This is a delightful tale of how the grass looks greener – or in this case – the sand looks quieter – away from home.
    Emily Gravett writes this story in a kid friendly style –with many lift the flap postcards that Sunny writes along his adventure. Children enjoy the fanciful postcards and amusing illustrations that demonstrate how all families are different. What Sunny comes to realize in the end, is that there really is no place like home, and that maybe his family isn’t as bad as he thought. An entertaining story that encourages appreciation for one’s own family.

  3. Stephanie R says:

    Emily Gravett’s illustrations captivated my eyes at first glance. Gravett’s words are equally engaging. In Meerkat Mail, the adorable Sunny Meerkat longs for a better place to live. We all can relate to thinking that it’s ‘greener on the other side’, and that is exactly what Sunny believes at first.

    The story takes the reader for a walk through various landscapes and animal species that live there. The postcards are entertaining and hold multiple facets of knowledge through example. This may be the first time some students see and feel a postcard. The addresses and stamps on the postcards are very humorous!

  4. Gail says:

    When Meerkat Mail came out, I immediately took it with me to local schools. As I had hoped, many of the students made connections with Meerkat Manor. It was an opportunity to talk about what they already knew and to make predictions about this particular book.

  5. Barbara Thompson Boo says:

    Sunny Meerkat is on the move! Having had just a little too much family time, Sunny leaves home to see if he can find greener pastures. He can’t–he lives in the Kalahari Desert of Africa! As he travels visiting relatives, he sends postcards home to the family to keep them apprised of his travels.

    Through beautiful watercolors, Emily Gravett once again displays her artistic talents and wonderful humor. Each postcard can be flipped to read Sunny’s message of the day. The postcards themselves are pictures the reader can view over and over again and always find something new, surprising and fun. (Don’t miss the stamps!)

    The book also gives basic information about meerkats, their relatives and the habitats of Africa. A great mentor text for writing, Meerkat Mail appeals to all of us who have wanted to run away from home. (Hey mom- remember when I took my red wagon and walked around the block when I was four?)

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