My Nana’s Remedies/Los Remedios De Mi Nana

A little girl tells how her grandmother makes special teas and warm drinks for her and her little brother when they are not feeling well.

See the review at WOW Review, Volume 3, Issue 2

2 thoughts on “My Nana’s Remedies/Los Remedios De Mi Nana

  1. Cindy Grutzik says:

    In this story, written in both English and Spanish, a little Native American girl recounts the various tea remedies that her grandmother – her nana – gives to her family when they don’t feel well. A sore throat, sleeplessness, a stomach ache, or a headache – these are the things that her grandmother knows how to cure with tea made from cinnamon, chamomile, rosemary, or citrus blossom. And when the little girl gets scared in a thunderstorm, her nana prepares for her a special glass of sugar water. Not only does this book give bilingual descriptions of Native American home remedies, it also portrays the wisdom of the elders in our lives. The glossary at the end of the book provides scientific and cultural definitions of each herb in the story. The festive illustrations enhance the story with the details of each room of the house and garden.

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