2 thoughts on “Yellow Umbrella

  1. Kristin Green says:

    My first graders loved Yellow Umbrella, a wordless book. The conclusions that they drew from the story were all very different. As we read the story, I had the music playing in the background for them to listen to. I appreciated it because it set the tone for the story because where my students felt “tense”, the music’s tempo and mood was “tense.” My first graders also enjoyed seeing where their route took them on their way to school. They had a hard time relating because they do not have to walk to school. The excitement that the illustrations and colors brought to the story were appreciated as Yellow Umbrella was a very engaging wordless book.

  2. Schipper says:

    My first graders had many reactions to “Yellow Umbrella,” a story written by Jae Soo Liu. One student summarized the story, “There are more and more umbrellas. The first is yellow, second is a blue umbrella, and third is a red umbrella.” Another said he liked the images and added, “It’s a fiesta of umbrellas!” One child was surprised to see boys and girls were under the umbrellas. They figured it must have been raining if all the kids are under umbrellas. Yet a few more students shared their appreciation for the song that was written to correlate with the images in the book. “It was very beautiful,” one girl said about the song. I personally appreciated that the song Underneath the Sky was sung in Korean, the author’s native language. I felt that it gave my students a sense of the world outside our classroom.

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