Wishes for the World at Tucson Festival of Books

Have you ever blown out candles on a birthday to make a wish? What about wishing on a shooting star? Children all around the world make wishes, and so do we. Worlds of Words invited visitors to our Tucson Festival of Books booth to make wishes for the world. We used Wish: Wishing Traditions Around the World by Roseanne Thong with illustrations by Elisa Kleven to start our conversations.

This month, members of the WOW Advisory Board revisited the wishes made by the younger visitors to our booth. They reflected on the interconnectedness of traditions, stories, and people the world around. What are your wishes and wishing traditions? Join the conversation.

Bookmarks created by young people indicating wishes about talking to animals, desire to fly, that mermaids could be real, and to read a book to the world.

Bookmarks made by children with wishes for peace.

Wishes for clothing, necessities.

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