Globalizing the Common Core Exemplar List

Our students live in a global world. The opportunities we offer through literature in our classrooms can invite them into the richness of cultural diversity and global communities. To globalize the text exemplar lists that emerged from the Common Core State Standards, we developed global book lists of fiction and nonfiction books organized by grade level bands and measures of complexity. These lists include books paired by theme and complexity with the Common Core exemplars as well as other recommended global books. We will update the lists as new books are published to provide a resource for educators searching for ways to globalize their classrooms and libraries.

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Worlds of Words created this project with funding from CERCLL.

Table of Contents
A Brief User’s Guide for Globalizing the Common Core Reading List
Globalizing the Common Core State Standards
Grade K-1 Global Lists
Grade 2-3 Global Lists
Grade 4-5 Global Lists
Grade 6-8 Global Lists
Grade 9-10 Global Lists
Grade 11-12 Global Lists
Other Global Lists