Globalizing K-12 Reading Lists of Children’s and Young Adult Literature

Our students live in a global world. The opportunities we offer through literature in our classrooms can invite them into the richness of cultural diversity and global communities. To globalize the text exemplar lists included in standards documents that guide instruction in many states and countries, we developed global book lists of recommended fiction and nonfiction books organized by themes within K-12 grade level bands. Plot descriptions and complexity information are provided for each book. We update these lists on an annual basis to include new books and to remove books that are out of print. Our goal is to provide a valuable resource for educators searching for books they can access to globalize their classrooms and libraries.

Updated July 2023.

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Worlds of Words created this project with funding from CERCLL.

Table of Contents
A Brief User’s Guide: Global Reading Lists for K-12 Classrooms and Libraries
Globalizing Reading and Standards in K-12 Classrooms and Libraries
Grade K-1 Global Lists
Grade 2-3 Global Lists
Grade 4-5 Global Lists
Grade 6-8 Global Lists
Grade 9-10 Global Lists
Grade 11-12 Global Lists
Global Poetry List

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    • Kathy Short says:

      These books are all copyrighted by their publishers and so can only be accessed through purchase as physical books or e books.

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