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See general submission guidelines below. Please check to see that the book has not previously been reviewed at our Alphabetical listing of all books reviewed by WOW Review.

Call for Submissions:

Vol. VII, Issue IV: Immigration
Deadline: June 15, 2015

WOW Review, Vol. VII, Issue IV: Immigration

Aligned with WOW stories for this upcoming themed issue, WOW Review invites you to share books that you have found significant in their focus on immigration. Both issues will focus on the question, “What stories welcome immigrant students and prepare all students, both immigrant and native-born, to explore multiple perspectives and living within a diverse world?” This is not a new topic in WOW Review as previous issues have included titles that take a variety of perspectives on immigration, such as looking at forced journeys to explore the complexity of factors leading to immigration. What books might support classroom explorations of immigration? What books offer insights into the reasons that compel individuals to immigrate? What demonstrations of acceptance or rejection encourage readers to hear the stories of immigrant children in facilitating their transition into a new culture? Both picture books and chapter books hold sensitively told vignettes that cut across genres, reading levels, and global communities, linking the immigrant experience across historical eras and time. We welcome your critical review of a book that reflects the immigrant experience.

Please check the alphabetical listing of books from previous issues to be sure your chosen title has not yet been reviewed. Also, please send the editor your chosen title to review to avoid duplications at Guidelines to include criteria to consider for authenticity are provided on this website. Please submit reviews before June 15, 2015.

In order to be sure titles are not duplicated, please send any titles you wish to review to

Looking ahead to WOW Review Vol. VIII

Issue 1: Unthemed, due August 15

Issue 11: Movement, Transition, and Change across Time, due November 15

Issue 111: Unthemed, due February 15

Issue IV: Literature as Key: The Power to Unlock Potential, Open Possibilities, Close Doors, Discover Knowledge, and Set One Free, May 15

————— General Submission Guidelines —————

WOW extends a call for critical reviews of children’s and adolescent international literature to be published in WOW Review: Reading Across Cultures, an electronic journal of Worlds of Words. Generally, WOW Review issues focus on a theme, though some issues are unthemed. Future issue themes and deadlines are listed at the end of the page. The criteria for reviews include:

•Books published throughout the world, including the U.S., that represent life within a specific cultural group, especially as related to the global community.

•The review lists the complete bibliographic information for the book.

•The review begins with a careful summary of the content or story, including both text and illustrations. Issues of culture that relate to the content should be highlighted using a broad definition of culture, including ethnicity, language, gender, geographical areas, age, socio-economics, historical eras, physically/mentally challenged individuals, religion, etc.

•Consideration of literacy excellence for text and illustrations, including criteria for evaluating particular genres as related to the authenticity of the book and an indication of the major themes highlighted within the book.

•A critique of the cultural authenticity of both text and illustration.

•Citation of sources used to evaluate authenticity, such as personal communication with individuals from a particular cultural group, perspectives from media sources, personal insights, author’s notes and research citations. Background information about the author and illustrator should be included.

•List other related texts that might extend thinking about a particular cultural group, life experience, or theme and other information useful to educators such as the age level of the audience for whom the book is most appropriate.

Evaluating cultural authenticity is complex and includes issues of accuracy, cultural values, and diverse lifestyles and perspectives within a cultural group as represented in text and illustration. Criteria for exploring cultural authenticity can assist reviewers in this process.

The reviews should be written in APA format, organized using a similar format to the reviews in the current journal issue, and be 500-800 words in length including the bibliographic and author information. Further guidance on determining cultural authenticity can be found in the introduction to the inaugural issue of WOW Review: Reading Across Cultures. Please submit reviews for possible publication via e-mail. Be sure to include your name, professional affiliation, and location.

Additional Resources:

1) Stories Matter, The Complexity of Cultural Authenticity in Children’s Literature (Fox & Short, 2003)

2) PDF of criteria for exploring cultural authenticity (Short, 2008)

WOW Review publishes original reviews on international books on the following schedule for issue foci and submission deadlines:

Submit your WOW Review online now.

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