By Any Other Name

In London, 1593, sixteen year old Will Hughes makes his living on Shakespeare’s stage, but after the famous playwright Christopher Marlowe is murdered, he teams up with young Lord James Bloomsbury, and together the two hunt the elusive assassin as their forbidden feelings for each other ignite.

100 Chapatis

A boy makes one hundred chapatis with his grandfather while they wait for news of his new baby sibling’s arrival.

The Pet Store Window

Ana looks out the pet store window with the store’s last remaining animals for sale a dog, a hedgehog and a mouse. What are they waiting for? Ana remembers finding the dog and bringing him to the store as a puppy. She’s watched as all the other dogs, the most charming, the most elegant, the strongest have all gone off. Ana, too, has never left, except at nights when she closes the store and goes home to the modest apartment she shares with her grandmother. But a day comes when the store owner announces that he has sold the store. An office tower will be built in its place. It makes no difference to him what happens to the animals, but Ana knows what she does next will make all the difference to her friends. Because after being together so long, isn’t that what they are?

Global: One Fragile World. An Epic Fight For Survival.

Time is running out for Sami and Yuki. Sami and his grandfather live in a village along the Indian Ocean. They earn their living by fishing. But the ocean is rising and each day they bring back fewer and fewer fish. Yuki lives in the far north of Canada where warming temperature are melting the ice. Polar bears have less food to hunt and are wandering into town looking for something to eat. Yuki is determined to do something to help the bears.

The Cricket War

A gripping story of a boy’s escape from Communist Vietnam by boat, based on the author’s own experience. It’s 1980, and 12 year old Tho Pham lives with his family in South Vietnam. He spends his afternoons playing soccer and cricket fighting with his friends, but life is slowly changing under the Communists. His parents are worried, and Tho knows the Communist army will soon knock on their door to make his brother, and then him, join them. Still, it shocks him when his father says that arrangements have been made for him to leave Vietnam by boat, immediately. Thọ tries to be brave as he sets out on a harrowing journey toward the unknown.

Maybe A Whale

After Grandpa dies, a girl and her mother take the trip he had planned for her, kayaking along the Pacific west coast to look for the whales that he loved.

Indigenous America (True History)

American schoolchildren have long been taught that their country was ‘discovered’ by Christopher Columbus in 1492. But the history of Native Americans in the United States goes back tens of tens of thousands of years prior to Columbus’s and other colonizers’ arrivals. So, what’s the true history?