Global Literature and Content Area Literacy: Exploring the Pedagogical Possibilities of Content Area Classrooms

Volume IV, Issue 2

WOW Stories: Connections from the Classroom is a regular on-line publication of WOW containing vignettes written by classroom educators about children’s experiences reading and responding to literature in the classroom setting.

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Introduction: Global Literature and Content Area Literacy:  Exploring the Pedagogical  Possibilities of Content Area Classrooms

by Janine M. Schall

Willamette Valley, Oregon Literacy Community

Examining Adolescents’ Literate Lives

By Marie A. LeJeune and Tracy Lynn Smiles

Multicultural Literature in the Secondary Science Classroom: Connections to Content and Culture

By Jennifer Hart Davis

“Best. Book. Ever.” Exploring Culture and Conflict through Reading Words in the Dust

By Eryn Willow

Inspiring Global Citizens in Rural Oregon

By Mariko Walsh

Global Biography Projects: Going Deeper with Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

By Mallory Marquet

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