One thought on “Solomon Crocodile

  1. Kristina says:

    I chose to read this book because I eventually would like to teach pre-school or kindergarten. I always find that students respond positively to books with animals as the main characters and the illustrations were wonderful.

    With that said, I really enjoyed the lively illustrations and I’m sure that many students can relate to having no one to play with just like Solomon. Although the story may be relatable, I feel like it needed something more. I kept waiting for the other animals to accept Solomon, however that never happened. I enjoyed the fact that Solomon found a friend, but I didn’t like how the two of them teamed up just to bother the other animals more.

    In the future, I can envision using this story as a jumping off point for a writing assignment to allow students to write/draw about a time where they felt alone and had no one to play with and how this incident made them feel. I also think I would have a discussion with students after the book to see if they would have handled the situation differently than Solomon.

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