Little Mouse’s Big Book Of Fears

Spiders: Little Mouse is afraid of them (arachnophobia).Shadows: Little Mouse is afraid of those (sciaphobia).In fact, Little Mouse is afraid of everything. Join her as she faces her fears and records them in her journal – and discovers that even the biggest people are afraid of some things.

One thought on “Little Mouse’s Big Book Of Fears

  1. Barbara Thompson Boo says:

    Once again Emily Gravett combines information with amazing illustration and humor to teach us about fear.

    Little Mouse has fears. Lots of fears. He’s afraid of spiders (arachnophia), knives (aichmophobia, water (hydrophobia) and so much more!

    Using cut paper, watercolor and manipulatives (there’s a wonderful fold-out map of “Isle of Fright”)this Kate Greenaway award winning picture book has everything a scardy cat needs to overcome his/her fears.

    This collection of fears can serve as a thought-provoking vocabulary builder, as well as a mentor text for cummulative narration. The final punch line will have readers chuckling as they chronicle their own fears.

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