Bear Is Never Alone

Bear likes playing piano for all the other animals, but they keep asking him for more, and Bear has trouble setting boundaries and expressing that he needs time for himself until he finds sympathetic Zebra.


This browsable book explores the wind’s role in our planet and its history, from carrying pollen to shaping sand dunes to pushing record-breaking ships across the ocean.

The Enchanted Life Of Valentina Mejía

To save their father’s life, a brother and sister must journey across a land full of magical beings from Colombian folklore and find the most powerful and dangerous of them all–the Madremonte.


Sixteen year old Archne turns to weaving for solace, but when word spreads of her skill she is confronted by the goddess Athena and the two enter a weaving contest that results in transformation and redemption.

Border Crossings

As two ocelots attempt to cross the United States-Mexico border, they face obstacles that drive home the catastrophic effects of a wall on the plants and animals of the border–and the many benefits of keeping the border barrier-free.

Quiet Time With My Seeya

A lush and endearing picture book about the special days a child spends with her Sinhalese grandfather, her Seeya, despite their language barrier.

The Gilded Ones

Namina Forna Could Be The Toni Morrison Of Ya Fantasy.-refinery 29 The Start Of A Bold And Immersive West African-inspired, Feminist Fantasy Series For Fans Of Children Of Blood And Bone And Black Panther. In This World, Girls Are Outcasts By Blood And Warriors By Choice. Sixteen-year-old Deka Lives In Fear And Anticipation Of The Blood Ceremony That Will Determine Whether She Will Become A Member Of Her Village. Already Different From Everyone Else Because Of Her Unnatural Intuition, Deka Prays For Red Blood So She Can Finally Feel Like She Belongs. But On The Day Of The Ceremony, Her Blood Runs Gold, The Color Of Impurity-and Deka Knows She Will Face A Consequence Worse Than Death. Then A Mysterious Woman Comes To Her With A Choice: Stay In The Village And Submit To Her Fate, Or Leave To Fight For The Emperor In An Army Of Girls Just Like Her. They Are Called Alaki-near-immortals With Rare Gifts. And They Are The Only Ones Who Can Stop The Empire’s Greatest Threat. Knowing The Dangers That Lie Ahead Yet Yearning For Acceptance, Deka Decides To Leave The Only Life She’s Ever Known. But As She Journeys To The Capital To Train For The Biggest Battle Of Her Life, She Will Discover That The Great Walled City Holds Many Surprises. Nothing And No One Are Quite What They Seem To Be-not Even Deka Herself.

Akpa’s Journey

After thick-billed murre Akpa emerges from his egg, high on an Arctic cliff, he soon learns that he must embark on a long migration before he is even able to fly. Flinging himself into the icy water with his father to guide him, Akpa must swim 1,000 kilometres of his journey south before he is able to finally fly the final leg of his journey. Adult male murres are also unable to fly during this time of the year, due to their changing feathers, so father and son must navigate south on the choppy ocean waves, meeting new and unfamiliar creatures along the way.

Tiger Lily And The Secret Treasure Of Neverland

Tiger Lily and her community, the Indigenous people of Neverland, possess a unique ability: they can choose to grow up. But for now, Tiger Lily is enjoying being thirteen, spending time with her grandmother and exploring alongside her horse and her friends. Then Tiger Lily uncovers a plot by two of Captain Hook’s pirates, who are searching for a mysterious, powerful treasure. Determined to protect Neverland, Tiger Lily sets out on a very grown-up mission: find the treasure first, and keep it out of the pirates’ reckless hands. As her journey takes her from Mermaid Lagoon to the Lost Boys’ hideaway and beyond, Tiger Lily will need to become the brave leader she has always wanted to be. Can she save her home and people she loves before it’s too late?