WOW Recommends: The Turnaway Girls

The Turnaway Girls CoverThe Turnaway Girls by Hayley Chewins follows Delphernia Undersea, a 12-year-old who has a serious problem: she is unable to create shimmer from the music played by the boys from outside the cloister. Yet, Delphernia lives in a cloister with other girls who can produce the shimmer, which will give them a chance to leave the cloister if chosen by one of the outside Masters. The other girls have another attribute Delphernia lacks: the ability to be silent. But with her singing come the birds, and with the birds come thoughts of escape. Delphernia receives an unexpected opportunity to leave the cloister after she is chosen by a most peculiar Master. She must instantly decide: leave with a Master who comes to the skydoor and to a new world in Blightsend or remain in the cloister and the safety of its rock walls and her beloved birds? The decision she makes has the potential to make or unmake her as well as all those in Blightsend.

A fantastical book that uses language in magical ways, The Turnaway Girls will have readers thinking about voice, silence and salvation along with the risks it takes to change the world. Delphernia is a true heroine and The Turnaway Girls is not only an adventure, but a mystery, an allegory and a book well worth the read! -Recommended by Holly Johnson, University of Cincinnati

ISBN: 9780763697921
Publisher: Candlewick Press
PubDate: September 19, 2018

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