One thought on “The World Champion of Staying Awake

  1. Mallory N. says:

    I really liked this book, mostly because of the different formats in which it was written. It starts with dialogue with Stella and her animals talking about how they don’t want to go to bed. Then, with each different animals taking an object and dreaming it to be something else, (a pillow a ship, a shoe box a train, etc.) the next two pages is a two-page illustration with a poem talking about the transformation of the object into the new one. I also love how the poem rhymes, and whenever Stella or her animals say the title, “The World Champion of Staying Awake…,” it is bolded throughout the book. I enjoyed the line, “I’m a bit wide awake,” because that helps to show the dialect of the England region in which the book is from. It’s a great bedtime story for young children that helps evoke their imagination in many different ways.

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