Little Night

As the long day comes to an end, Mother Sky fills a tub with falling stars and calls, “Bath time for Little Night!” Little Night answers from afar, “Can’t come. I am hiding and you have to find me, Mama. Find me now!” Where could Little Night be? Down a rabbit hole? In a blueberry field? Among the stripes of bees? Exquisitely painted and as gentle as Little Night’s dress crocheted from clouds, this is a story to treasure.

One thought on “Little Night

  1. Cindy Grutzik says:

    This book is beautiful, with round, soft, warm illustrations accompanying a magical tale of bedtime hide-and-seek between Little Night and Mother Sky. Although the bedtime routine takes place across the earth and sky, it is very familiar: bath time, pajamas, warm snack, and hair combing. At each step, though, Little Night playfully hides from Mother Sky who searches behind the hills, in the bats’ cave, and over the blueberry fields to find her. The figurative language is poetic and completely understandable, and young children will easily relate to Little Night’s antics.

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