We All Went on Safari: A Counting Journey through Tanzania

Follows a Tanzanian family through the African grasslands as they count the animals they see, from one leopard to ten elephants; includes information about Tanzania and Swahili names and numbers.

One thought on “We All Went on Safari: A Counting Journey through Tanzania

  1. Michelle Dreyer says:

    I read this book with my students who are in Kindergarten. We did a picture walk first to make predictions about the story. My students commented on the clothing, plants, animals, and skin color of the characters in the book. Their comments recognized how each of these were different then where they live. We read the story through once and counted the animals. Later that day we read the story a second time and then talked about the book. I asked my students what they thought was important to the people in the story? Their responses were this; People were important because they were together and they had 2 people uinder a blanket(this is in the pictures at the end of the story). They also said the animals were important becuase the people in the story went to look at them. I look forward to reading more global literature books with my students to see if they can go deeper.

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