Global Literacy Communities: Creating Cross-Curricular Connections across Local and Global Cultures

Volume IV, Issue 4

WOW Stories: Connections from the Classroom is a regular on-line publication of WOW containing vignettes written by classroom educators about children’s experiences reading and responding to literature in the classroom setting.

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Creating Cross-Curricular Connections across Local and Global Cultures
by Kathy Short

Connecting Young Children and their Families to the World

Exploring Cultures in Primary Classrooms
by Marilyn Carpenter and the Spokane Literacy Community

Exploring Personal Cultures
by Lacey Grummons

Developing an Understanding about Cultures
by Janelle Stolp and Lindsay Abbey

Layers of Learning in Exploring Cultures in First Grade Classrooms
by Meg Baker and Charlotte Streit

Global Perspectives of Literacy and Social Studies
by Jeanne Fain and the Hobgood Professional Learning Community

Recognizing the Global in Our Own Community
by Janna McClain with Andrea Sumrall and Kimberly Swift

First Graders Connect Literature and Writer’s Workshop
by Martin Ridgley

Promoting Global Awareness in Second Grade Students
by Fran Wilson and the Madeira Literacy Community

Writing Book Reviews on Global Literature in a Second Grade Classroom
by Nicole Prater

Cultural Conversations
by Kristy Wanstrath

Celebrating World Water Day
by Tammy Saunders

Recognizing the Familiar in the Faraway through Children’s Literature
by Jane Wellman-Little, Cynthia Crosser, Jessica Dunton, and Barbara Keene

Creating Cross-Curricular Connections through Global Literature

Read Globally, Act Locally:  A Global Environmental Literacy Community
Ernest Bond

Learning about Latin America through Multiple Texts in Middle School Classrooms
by Anne Hawkinson and Lauren Freedman

The Formation of Global Citizens
by Christiana Succar

Journey on the Silk Road: Creating a Google Lit Trip
by Sue Corbin

A Community Exploration of Global Literature and Social Justice
by Merna Hecht

Explorations of India and Gandhi
by Tim Heryford
Becoming a World Citizen
by Lauretta Hyde

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