Building Global Understanding through Collaborative Relationships

Volume IV, Issue 6
November 2013

WOW Stories: Connections from the Classroom is a regular on-line publication of WOW containing vignettes written by classroom educators about children’s experiences reading and responding to literature in the classroom setting.

Table of Contents

by Kathy Short

Tri-Cities Global Literacy Community

Seeing Clearly: Global Visions in a Teacher Inquiry Community
by Kelly Wissman

ESL Students Find Themselves and Expand their Horizons through Global Literature
by Heather O’Leary

History Matters: Grade Six Students Reflect on the Effects of War
by Krista Jiampetti

How a Social Action Project Revitalized a Third Grade Response to Intervention Reading Group
by Maggie Burns

“Seeing with New Eyes”: Envisioning Learners as Travelers in New Worlds
by Simeen Tabatabai

Teacher Talk, Hofstra

Expanding the Common Core Text Exemplar List with Global Literature
by Michele Marx

The Common Core Exemplar List and Books Worth Reading
by Joan Zaleski

Finding Quality Global Children’s Literature
by Angela Buffalino-Morgan

Supporting Teachers’ Selection of Texts Beyond CCSS Text Exemplars
by Esmeralda Carini

Global Themes in Poetry Backpacks
by Stephanie Annunziata

Keeping Literature Alive
by Vera Zinnel

Creating Our Cultural Identity Quilt: Using Literature to Explore Who We Are
by Amy Gaddes

A to Z Literacy Movement: Multicultural Book Clubs across Grade Levels

Introduction to Our Community
by Ann Yanchura

Never Underestimate a First Grader
by Mal Keenan

We Should Do This More Often!
by Ann Yanchura

Lessons from Our World of Words Experience
byAmy MacCrindle

Lesson Plans, Anyone?
by Kimberlee Militello

Learning to Believe in Yourself
by Jenna Brogan

Unusual Suspects
by Gabriela Carbajal

Washington County Reader Leaders

Partnering Public Library services with Public Schools
by Heather Dantzler and Jessica Ross

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