Tia Isa Wants a Car

Tía Isa wants a car. A shiny green car the same color as the ocean, with wings like a swooping bird. A car to take the whole family to the beach. But saving is hard when everything goes into two piles — one for here and one for Helping Money, so that family members who live far away might join them someday. While Tía Isa saves, her niece does odd jobs for neighbors so she can add her earnings to the stack. But even with her help, will they ever have enough? s

One thought on “Tia Isa Wants a Car

  1. I recently read this book to my 4th grade students as a read aloud. For the most oart they like the book. They liked that the main character did something thoughtful for her aunt by saving up her own money to help buy a car. Most said they would have done the same thing. They also liked the pictures that were drawn by Claudio Munoz. They were active playful and good support for the story. The girls also mentioned and made connections when the little girl was jumping rope and the other side was tied to the fence. When they were showed the car that the story was based on they laughed and made comments that it looked like something one of their grand parents drove. Over all this was a good book to share and was relateable to students and students of poverty as well. It demonstrated how important a car is to freedom of a person and their family as well as how families work together to accomplish goals.

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