Promise the Night

For a young girl, Beryl has big dreams- bigger than the vast ranch in British East Africa where she is being raised by her demanding father.  Abandoned by her mother, who fled the remote African life to return to “civilized” England, Beryl’s only friend is her mother’s dog, Buller- that is, until one night when Buller is attacked by a leopard and dragged into the jungle.  While keeping her promise to rescue him, she makes a new friend, and begins her journey to becoming one of the most famous and admired women of her time.

Based on the true life of Beryl Markham- the first pilot to fly solo from England to North America- Michaela MacColl’s richly imagined story of a feisty girl who hunts with Nandi warriors, becomes the best horse breaker on her father’s ranch, and resists all attempts to make her a proper lady, is a compelling and action-packed read for anyone with a thirst for adventure.

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