Little Mouse’s Big Secret

Shh…! Little Mouse has a secret! He’s found a delicious-looking apple and doesn’t want to share a bite. So he buries it, and no matter how many of his friends ask what he hid, Little Mouse won’t tell. But when a tree sprouts from the seeds of the fruit, there are enough apples for everyone-and Little Mouse realizes some secrets are even better when they’re shared. Award-winning illustratorEric Battuthas created a charming picture book that will delight-and teach-children. Kids will delight in knowing more than Mouse as they watch the apple tree sprout behind him Simple text and illustrations encourage sharing, but avoid preachiness Subtle “green” subtext about the abundance and importance of nature ERIC BATTUTwas born in Chamalieres, France, where he still lives and works today. After studying economics and civil rights for six years, he went on to study illustration at L’Ecole Emile Cohl in Lyon. He has since created many successful and award-winning books for children.

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