The Imaginary Garden

Theodora loved her grandfather’s old garden. His new apartment’s balcony is too windy and small for a garden. But what appears to be a drawback soon leads to a shared burst of creativity as Theo and her Poppa decide to paint a new garden. As they work side by side — sowing seeds with brushes and paint — a masterpiece begins to take shape that transforms the balcony into an abundant garden. When Poppa goes away on holiday, Theo helps nurture the garden and it begins to take on a life of its own. This garden grows not from soil but from love, imagination and creativity. Readers will marvel at each stage of this fertile garden as it grows from seed to full flower, revealing the power of art to enrich our lives.

One thought on “The Imaginary Garden

  1. cheri anderson says:

    This warm story of the love between grandfather and granddaughter has
    delightfully textured illustrations combining pen and ink line
    drawings with collage and paint. Color is used as a metaphor for
    their shared experiences and relationship. This metaphor is even
    reflected in the pictures on the walls at the beginning of the book
    where color is only added to pictures where the granddaughter and
    grandfather are together. Such attention to detail reflects the
    creative thought process behind the illustrations.

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