Fourteen Monkeys: A Rain Forest Rhyme

In Manu National Park in Peru, an amazing fourteen different species of monkeys live together. That’s more than in any other rainforest in the world! How can they coexist so well? Find out in this lyrical, rhyming picture book that explores each monkey’s habits, diet, and home, illustrating how this delicate ecosystem and its creatures live together in harmony.

Kingdom: Savage Safari

Africa is home to some of the animal kingdom’s most ferocious hunters and savages. Whether screeching through the rainforests, prowling the wide savannas, or lurking along rivers, these brutes make shrot shrift out of all who dare cross their paths. To dominate their realms and evade attackers, some beasts use massive strength and vicious claws while others rely on impressive speed and cunning tricks. What equipment and skills would you need to survive? Jump in and find out!

The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a natural wonder in every way. They are home to an array of flora and fauna found no other place on earth. Explore the beauty and mystery surronding these islands, as well as their geography, wildlife, history, people, and the importance of the preservation of these isles.

Children Save the Rain Forest

A profile of the International Children’s Rain Forest describes the lush beauty of the plants and animals that live there and considers the work and contributions by children all over the world to keep the area preserved.

The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest

Exhausted from his labors, a man chopping down a great kapok tree in the Brazilian rain forest puts down his ax, and, as he sleeps, the animals who live in the tree plead with him not to destroy their world. “This modern fable with its urgent message contains an abundance of information.”–The Horn Book