The Ugly One

Micay has a deep scar that runs like a river from her right eye to her lip. The boys in her Incan village bully her because of it, and most of the adults ignore her. So she keeps to herself and tries to hide the scar with her long hair, drawing comfort from her family and her faith in the Sun God, Inti. Then a stranger traveling from his jungle homeland to the Sacred Sun City at Machu Picchu gives her a baby macaw, and the path of her life changes

Tiempo de dolor Nakay Pacha

“Tiempo del dolor” narra, con crudo realismo, el enfrentamiento entre comunidades campesinas en medio de una guerra generalizada, como también de batallas y escaramuzas libradas entre las fuerzas armadas del estado y los grupos subversivos.
De la Colección Runasimi, edición bilingüe quechua-español.
Traducción al quechua de Washington Córdova Huamán.

Time of pain” narrates, with crude realism, the confrontation between peasant communities in the midst of a generalized war, as well as battles and skirmishes waged between the armed forces of the state and the subversive groups.
From the Runasimi Collection, bilingual Quechua-Spanish edition.
Quechua translation of Washington Córdova Huamán.

Carolina’s Gift: A Story of Peru

Today is a very important day! It is market day, and Carolina and her mother are going to the plaza to find a birthday gift for Carolina’s abuelita, or grandmother. But there are so many things to see and so many gifts to choose from! Would Abuelita like a pretty hat? No, these hats are not for Abuelita. Would Abuelita like a bird that chirps and sings? No, a bird might keep Abuelita up when she is trying to sleep at night. Finally, Carolina finds the perfect gift! Won’t Abuelita be surprised?

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