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Puerto Rico Global Story Box

Coquí in the City. Perez, Nomar. Penguin, 2021. ISBN: ‎9780593109038.
Miguel moves to New York, leaving behind his pet Coquí in San Juan. The change is overwhelming, but he soon comes to find that New York and San Juan have more in common than he expected.

The Legend of the Coquí. Lzaro, Georgina. Robert, Bruno, Ill. Reycraft Books, 2020. ISBN: ‎9781478868026.
Long ago in Puerto Rico, the animals ate, slept, and snacked all day—every day. The queen of the forest, the parrot, knew this wasn’t good, so she challenged them to a race. They each had great skills—the snake slithered, the pelican cawed, and the turtle just yawned—but they were excited and got ready to run. Everyone strutted their stuff except the frogs. No one paid attention to them. They were too tiny. Could this be their chance to get noticed?

Looking for Bongo. Velasquez, Eric. Holiday House, 2017. ISBN:‎ 9780823437672.
A young boy loses his beloved toy, Bongo. He goes on a search and sets out to find both Bongo and the thief. Follow the boy’s investigation throughout his home, giving a glimpse at a warm, multi-generational family.

young girl holding a stick runs across the grass with a golden retriever running after her.Maxy Survives the Hurricane/Maxy sobrevive el huracán. Chansky, Ricia Anne. Acevedo, Yarelis Marchial. Barinova, Olga, Ill. Pinata Books, 2021. ISBN: ‎9781558859180.
Maxy, a happy puppy, enjoys living with Clarita and her family. But when Hurricane Maria arrives, Maxy quickly becomes afraid of the rain and thunder. When the next rainstorm arrives, Clarita helps Maxy overcome his fear and learn to appreciate the rain again.

Mis abuelos y yo/My Grandparents and I. Caraballo, Samuel. Cruz, D Nina, Ill. Brammer, Ethriam Cash, Trans. Arte Publico Press, 2004. ISBN: 9781558854079.
A picturebook in verse describing the influence of grandparents in a young boy’s life.

The Squeaky Door. MacDonald, Margaret Read. DePalma, Mary Newell, Ill. HarperCollins, 2006. ISBN: 9780060283735.
When a boy is frightened by a squeaky, bedroom door, his grandmother brings in various animals to help him feel secure enough to sleep. Includes notes on the story’s Puerto Rican origins.

Girl dances around a banyan tree by the waterThe Tree of Hope: The Miraculous Rescue of Puerto Rico’s Beloved Banyan. Orenstein-Cardona, Anna. Moreno, Juan Manuel, Ill. Beaming Books, 2022. ISBN:‎ 9781506484099.
The story of an ancient banyan tree, one of San Juan’s most beloved trees in the city, and how the community rallied to save it after Hurricane Maria. Based on a true story.

Vámanos a San Juan. Rodriguez, Patty and Stein, Ariana. Godinez, Ana, Ill. Lil’ Libros, 2020. ISBN:‎ 9781947971509.
Learn about San Juan, Puerto Rico’s largest city, in this board book. Filled with illustrations celebrating the various sights of the city in both English and Spanish.

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