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France Global Story Box Synopsis

01France28A Visit to France. Alcraft, Rob (2008). Chicago, IL: Heinemann. ISBN: 9781432912857.
Introduces the country of France, including the land, landmarks, homes, food, clothes, work, transportation, language, school, sports, celebrations, and the arts.

Big Wolf & Little Wolf. Brun-Cosme, Nadine (2010). Illustrated by Olivier Tallec. NY: Enchanted Lion. ISBN: 9781592700844.
Translated from French. The story of a friendship that develops between a solitary big wolf and a little wolf and what happens when a solitary wolf becomes a lonely wolf.

The Cat Who Walked Across France. Banks, Kate (2004). Illustrated by Georg Hallensleben. Frances Foster. ISBN: 9780374399689.
After his owner dies, a cat wanders across the countryside of France, unable to forget his home by the edge of the sea. The reader journeys across the Norman countryside, past ancient ruins, through bustling cities, to the sparkling ports of the Mediterranean Sea and a place the cat can call home.

Everybody Bonjours! Kimmelman, Leslie (2008). Illustrated by Sarah McMenemy. NY: Knopf. ISBN: 9780375844430.
Describes in rhymed text the many ways to use the greeting “Bonjour” when visiting Paris.

La La Rose. Ichikawa, Satomi (2004). NY: Philomel. ISBN: 9780399240294.
This touching story captures both the beauty of Luxembourg Gardens in Paris and the very special love between a child and her favorite doll, a stuffed rabbit.

Lizette’s Green Sock. Valcks, Catharina (2005). NY: Clarion. ISBN: 9780618452989.
Translated from French. Lizette tries to figure out what to do with the one green sock that she finds while out walking one day.

Madeline. Bemelmans, Ludwig (1998). NY: Puffin. ISBN: 9780670445806.
Translated from French. Madeleine, smallest and naughtiest of the twelve little charges of Miss Clavel, wakes up one night with an attack of appendicitis.

0128Mama'sMama’s Perfect Present. Goode, Diane (1996). NY: Dutton. ISBN: 9780525454939.
Two children have problems when they take their dog along as they search all over Paris for just the right present for their mother’s birthday.

01Moon28The Moon Was the Best. Zolotow, Charlotte (1993). Illustrated by Hoban, Tana. NY: Greenwillow Books. ISBN: 9780688099404.
A book that brings “Paris to life.” It is not the Paris of guidebooks and postcards, but a Paris for children that unique.

01FrenchWords28My First Book of French Words. Kadula, Katy (2010). NY: Kingfisher. ISBN: 9780753459980.
Simple text paired with themed photos invite the reader to learn to speak French.

Artifacts: Cloth of Seurat’s A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, a green sock, Eiffel Tower.

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