Global Story Box Book Synopses

Caribbean Global Story Box Synopsis

CaribDreamCaribbean Dream. Isadora, Rachel (1998). NY: Penguin. ISBN: 9780399232305.
Set in the West Indies. The poetic text encourages the reader to visualize the meeting of the waves and the sand, wind and hill, song and soul, and to imagine the activities that follow as children run, splash and play on an island in the West Indies.

DownByRiverDown by the River: Afro-Caribbean Rhymes, Games and Songs for Children. Hallworth, Grace (1996). Illustrated by Binch, Caroline. NY: Frances Lincoln. ISBN: 9781847800824.
Set in Trinidad. A fun collection of Afro-Caribbean rhymes games and songs, collected by Trinidadian author Grace Hallworth, and brought to life by bright illustrations.

Hope for Haiti. Watson, Jesse Joshua (2010). NY: Putnam. ISBN: 0399255478.
Set in Haiti. A young boy finds hope when he is given an old soccer ball to play with in the wake of Haiti’s devastating earthquake.

JJamaicaJ is for Jamaica. Zephaniah, Benjamin (2006). Photography by Das, Prodeepta. NY: Frances Lincoln. ISBN: 9781845074012.
Set in Jamaica. Contains twenty-six rhymes and photographs that explore the sights, sounds, and tastes of Jamaica–one for each letter of the alphabet.

KamalKamal Goes to Trinidad. Frederick, Malcolm (2008). Photography by Prodeepta, Das. NY: Frances Lincoln. ISBN: 9781845077020.
Set in Trinidad. Kamal travels to Trinidad and Tobago with his father and sister to learn about the place where his parents were born, meet his grandparents, and explore island culture.

La Isla. Dorros, Arthur (1995). Illustrated by Kleven, Elisa. NY: Penguin. ISBN: 9780525454229.
Set in Puerto Rico. A young girl and her grandmother take an imaginary journey to the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico where her mother grew up and where some of her family still lives.

My First Book of Spanish Words. Kudela, Katy R (2010). North Mankato, MN: Capstone Press. ISBN: 9781429638524.
Simple text paired with themed photos invite the reader to learn to speak Spanish.

Parrots over Puerto Rico. Roth, Susan and Trumbore, Cindy (2013). NY: Lee & Low,. ISBN: 9781620140048.
Set in Puerto Rico. A combined history of the Puerto Rican parrot and the island of Puerto Rico that highlights current efforts to save the parrot by protecting and managing this endangered species. Stunning paper and fabric collages.

Running the Road to ABC. Lauture, Denizé (2000). Illustrated by Ruffins, Raynold. NY: Aladdin. ISBN: 9780689831652.
Set in Haiti. Each day, long before the sun even thinks of rising, six Haitian children run miles to school where they learn the letters, sounds, and words of their beautiful books.

SqueakyDoorThe Squeaky Door. MacDonald, Margaret Read (2006). Illustrated by DePalma. NY: HarperCollins. ISBN: 9780060283735.
Set in Puerto Rico. When a boy is frightened by a squeaky bedroom door, his grandmother brings in various animals to help him feel secure enough to sleep. Includes notes on the story’s Puerto Rican origins.

Artifacts: Stuffed “Coquí” and seashells

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