Global Story Box Book Synopses

Mexican American Global Story Box Synopsis

Fiesta¡Fiesta! Guy, Ginger Foglesong (2007). Illustrated by Moreno Rene King. NY: Greenwillow Books. ISBN: 9780688143312.
Bilingual text describes a children’s party and provides practice counting in English and Spanish.

01My29Dad15I’m Just Like My Mom/I’m Just Like My Dad: Me parezco tanto a mi mamá/ Me parezco tanto a mi papá. Ramos, Jorge (2008). Illustrated by Guttiérez, Akemi. NY: Harper Collins. ISBN: 9780061239687.
A bilingual story in which a young girl reflects on the ways in which she is just like her mother.  Halfway through, the reader is told to flip the book to read a parallel story of a young boy exploring how he is like his father.

01lets29Eat15Let’s Eat!/¡A comer! Mora, Pat (2008). Illustrated by Suárez, Maribel. NY: Harper Collins, ISBN: 9780060850388.
Bilingual text in English and Spanish describes a family as they sit down to a table filled with good food

My Nana’s Remedies/Los remedios de mi nana. Rivera-Ashford, Roni Capin (2002). Illustrated by San Miguel Edna. Tucson, AZ: Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Press, ISBN: 9781886679191.
A warm and loving grandmother prepares a variety of traditional remedies for her young granddaughter, remedies to treat everything from an upset stomach to being frightened at night.

My Tata’s Guitar/ La guitarra de mi tata. Brammer, Ethriam Cash (2002). Illustrated by Lechón, Daniel. Houston, TX: Pinata Books. ISBN: 9781558853690.
While sharing stories of their Mexican-American family’s past, a father gives his young son the guitar he  received from his own father. Written in English and Spanish.

My First Book of Spanish Words. Kudela, Katy R (2010). North Mankato, MN: Capstone Press. ISBN: 9781429638524.
Simple text paired with themed photos invite the reader to learn to speak Spanish.

The Party for Papa Luis/ La fiesta para Papá Luis. Gonzales Bertrand, Diane (2010). Illustrated by Galindo, Alejandro. Houston, TX: Piñata Books. ISBN: 9781558855328.
A cumulative tale in which Papa Luis’s family and friends make preparations for his birthday fiesta,  complete with pinata, cake, and a clown.  Written in Spanish and English.

What Can You Do with a Paleta? Tafolla, Carmen(2009). Illustrated by Morales, Magaly. NY: Tricycle Press. ISBN: 9781582462899.
A young Mexican American girl celebrates the paleta, a fruity ice pop, and the many roles it plays in her lively barrio. Written in Spanish and English.

01Are29Cousins15We Are Cousins/Somos primos. Gonzales Bertrand, Diane (2007). Illustrated by Rodriguez Christina E. Houston, TX: Piñata Books. ISBN: 9781558854864.
Illustrations and simple text written in both English and Spanish tell a story about children who are cousins and all of the celebrations they enjoy together.

Artifacts: paleta ice pop mold and a tortilla holder

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