Muslim Migrants in Children’s Literature: Day of the Pelican

by Seemi Aziz, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK

day of the pelicanDay of the Pelican is by a renowned author, Katherine Paterson, which has the impact of migration is placed front and centre. Patterson’s book focusing on the political and religious conflicts and struggles in the Eastern European regions of Serbia and Kosovo was long over due.

The story revolves around the struggles for survival of a young girl. Meli Lleshi. She is ethnically an Albanian Muslim who is settled in Kosovo. The family of seven, are a Muslim family who stem from rural upbringing and are targeted by Kosovars and Serbians alike because of their background and their alliance to the freedom fighting group of individuals struggling for the rights of the Albanian Kosovars against Serbian oppressors known as the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army). Meli and her brother Mehmet share the major role in this story.
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After the Journey: Immigrants in a New Country

By Ragina Shearer & Mary Amanda Stewart, University of North Texas, Denton, TX

Once an immigrant arrives in the destination country, there is yet another journey that begins. Often, this journey is overlooked because it takes place in the heart, mind, and inner being of the recent immigrant. Many of our students are greatly affected by these issues which include language challenges, family separation, missing the home country, and negotiating two cultures.
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