2 thoughts on “The Tiny Seed

  1. Colby Case says:

    The book, The Little Seed, is a great book for young students. This book caught my eye while searching this website as I am beginning my unit on planting in my preschool classroom. I think that along with the ideas of the seasons and flowers growing from seeds, the book portrays wonderful lessons for children.

    The book illustrates the ideas of differences. Classrooms come in all shapes and sizes and it is important for children to understand that we all have our similarities and differences. I like the idea that this book uses appropriate language and beautiful illustrations to show students that whether big or small, black or white, abled or disabled- we all have potential and the ability to grow in all aspects of our lives.

    I intend on uses this book in my classroom to discuss these issues highlighted in the book. I anticipate that my students will enjoy listening to the book and discussing the seeds process as it travels through the season and eventually becomes a beautiful flower. I want my children to know that they too will be beautiful strong people.

  2. Nicholas Cherry says:

    Eric Cale books are wonderful for young readers. I think this book would be great for teachers to read and use in lessons across the curriculum. It is poetic which would work for a great literature lesson.The growth of the seed would be a great demonstration for the life cycle of plants as well. Since spring time is approaching this book would even fit for kindergarten lessons dealing with seasons.

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