The Case of the Missing Deed

Five cousins are looking forward to their annual vacation at their grandmother’s cottage. None of them knows that this may be their last such summer. A mining company has set its sights on the land and is determined to seize it. Grandma must produce the deed to prove that the property is really hers, but her memory is not what it used to be, and she can’t find it. If she can’t remember where it’s hidden, she will lose her home. The children aren’t about to let that happen. Losing their grandfather was bad enough, and they are determined to find where he stashed the deed before he died.

When the kids discover mysterious messages written on their favorite recipes, they begin to understand Grandpa has left clues that lead to the secret hiding place. As the community divides and Grandma loses all hope, the cousins suspect even those closest to them of betrayal.

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