One thought on “Un Día Con Mis Tías/ A Day With My Aunts (Spanish Edition)

  1. Cindy Grutzik says:

    Every Saturday, Isabel visits her three aunts – her tías – in their cheerful house. We meet each one as they draw her into their activities. She cooks empanadas with Tía Dulce, and we see them go through each step in the process (recipes fill the end papers, too). Next, Tía Rosa, beautiful and smelling of gardenias, dresses her up as a lovely princess. Her third aunt, Tía Clara, shows her how to dance and twirl and move her hips and shoulders. All four of them end up in the living room dancing, eating empanadas and drinking lemonade. Isabel’s happy memories will likely resonate with young children’s experiences with extended family members. The lively and colorful illustrations bring the party to life.

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