Global Literacy Communities: Teacher Book Clubs and Global Explorations

Volume IV, Issue 3

WOW Stories: Connections from the Classroom is a regular on-line publication of WOW containing vignettes written by classroom educators about children’s experiences reading and responding to literature in the classroom setting.

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Global Literacy Communities: Teacher Book Clubs and Global Explorations

By Kathy G. Short

The Teacher Talk/TALL (Teachers Applying Language and Literacy), Long Island, New York

The Teacher Talk Literacy Community: Our Study of ‘What is Global Literature?’

by the Teacher Talk Literacy Community:

Stephanie Annunziata: Widening the World: Mapping Global Literature in a Kindergarten Classroom

Liza Carfora: We Speak for the Trees! Fourth Graders Investigate their Global Relationship with Nature

Esmeralda Carini: The Heart of Literature is Conversation

Stephanie Eberhard: Getting started with Global Literature in the High School English Classroom

Amy Gaddes: Bringing Global Themes into a “Local” Classroom Discussion

AmyMarie Livermore: Teaching Humanism through Global Literature in the Elementary Reading Classroom

Jennifer Pullara: Learning and Reading the World through Literature

Louise Shaw: What is Global Literature?

Joan Zaleski: A Read-a-Thon with Pre-Service Education Students

Vera Zinnel: Who Writes History? A Study of Columbus’ Voyage

The Saturday Morning Book Group, Columbia, Missouri

Using Global Literature to Build Understandings for All Students

by Carol Gilles and the Saturday Morning Book Group

Introducing the Text Sets: Investigating Myanmar (Burma) with First and Fifth Grade Buddies

by Jean Dickinson

First Grade’s Introduction to Cuba

by Missy Morrison

From The Three Questions to about a Million More: Kindergartners Explore Russia

by Linda Wycoff with Janice Henson

Using Arts/Literacy Integration with Global Literature

by Gennie Pfannenstiel with Linda Aulgur

Growing Compassion:  Using Global Text Sets with Second Graders

by Tara Gutshall

Final Reflection:  What Did We Learn?

by Carol Gilles

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One thought on “Global Literacy Communities: Teacher Book Clubs and Global Explorations

  1. Maggie Burns says:

    I have only just begun to explore your work on this webpage but am so interested in delving deeper and applying some of this work in my own practice. The text sets, materials, and activities you have posted are very informative and helpful. You have done a lot of research and leg work that many classroom teachers are not able to do AND provided a guide for those of us who would like to engage in this type process.
    Your packet on Burma is especially interesting to me as I work with a large population of Burmese refugees.
    Thank you for sharing your work.
    I am interested to know how your reading specialists fit into this exploration?
    Thank you again,
    Maggie Burns

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