Julian Rodriguez Episode Two: Invasion Of The Relatives

When last we encountered Julian Rodriguez, he’d saved Earth from destruction by bending to the will of his archenemy, Evilomami, and taking out the dreaded trash. In this episode, our hero must don an absurd ceremonial costume and risk contamination at the hands of The Relatives, a band of crude, genetically linked mini-brains. Yet again, Julian saves Earth from total annihilation after he realizes that the planet has at least one redeeming quality — the Earthling delicacy known as empanadas, which his Alpha Nana just happens to be serving for dinner. PRAISE FOR JULIAN RODRIGUEZ EPISODE ONE: “First in what readers will hope will be a robust series, this hybrid of fiction and graphic novel dusts off a favorite conceit with a slick swipe of edgy visuals and tart commentary. . . . It’s impossible to read this without laughing.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

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