Little Mist

Little Mist is a sweet-faced snow leopard cub who is wide-eyed with wonder at the world before him. Guided and protected by his mother, Little Mist discovers the glistening snow, the mountain streams, and the cloud forests. The world may look big to a little cub, but one day, his mother tells him, he will be the king of the mountains. Safely curled up in his mother’s paws, Little Mist can’t wait for his journey to begin. A heartwarming portrayal of the unique bond between parent and child, set against the breathtaking backdrop of snow-covered mountains. This is the perfect picture book to read curled up with your own little cub.

Black Dog Dream Dog

When Sam finds a big black dog in her back yard she wants to keep him, but her mother can’t find out so Sam hides him in the shed. Meanwhile, Stella wakes up in a strange room to find that she’s had a stroke. She can’t move and she can’t talk, so how can she ask what happened to her dog?

My Cat Copies Me

Gently explore the special bond between children and their pets. A shy little girl and her very independent cat, play, hide, and comfort one another. Both children and parents will appreciate how the cat soothes the little girl and silently encourages her to explore the bigger world and experience new things.

Papa, Do You Love Me?

This follow-up to the best-selling Mama, Do You Love Me? captures the universal love between a father and child. When a Maasai father in Africa answers his son’s questions, the boy learns that his father’s love for him is unconditional.