Amazing Greek Myths of Wonder And Blunders

From Hercules’s snake assassin slippers to Arachne’s wicked weaver rap songs, these are the mythic monsters and Hellenic heroes that have captured Western culture for centuries, but are a whole lot more fun. Each story showcases the wondrous and blunderful antics of gods and mortals in bright graphics that rival the super-heroic action of The Lightning Thief, burst with the knock-your-socks-off humor of Jeff Kinney, and still remain unerringly faithful to the original myth. Kids won’t be able to resist the bickering sheep, unruly rulers, and undercover details of Amazing Greek Myths, while teachers, librarians, and parents can relish this new way to share moral messages that remain as relevant today as they were a thousand years ago.

Animal Fables from Aesop

Here, in all their wisdom and humor, are the timeless fables of Aesop. This collection includes such well-known fables as “The Fox and the Grapes,” as well as such lesser-known tales as “The Wolf and the Lamb” and “The Crow and the Peacocks.”

The Adventures of Pinocchio

Pinocchio has delighted audiences since the late nineteenth century. Now in Graham Philpot’s fresh and lively new version, this sophisticated tale has been simplified into a fast-paced, funny adventure that introduces young readers to the enormous appeal of the original.


Fables From Aesop

From century to century, generation to generation, Aesop’s fables have entertained, enlightened minds, and warmed hearts around the world. Now in this unique collection, Tom Lynch uses collages of vivid color, intriguing texture and folk art style to re-invent fourteen of these well known and loved fables for today’s children.

Aesop’s Fox

One summer morning, Fox awakens and begins his search for food. His travels take him to a vineyard, where the unreachable grapes are probably sour, and to a conversation with Rooster and Crow, during which flattery first fails but then succeeds. Fox meets–among others–foolish Donkey, wise Boar, vain Leopard, and shrewd Lion. With each meeting, Fox gains wisdom–until at the end of the day, falling asleep in the hollow of a tree, he says, “Time fixes everything.” And so it does.