No Monsters Here

It’s bedtime.  This little boy is ready to climb the stairs and say goodnight.  But father isn’t ready at all.  He’s afraid of monsters;  he doesn’t want to be left alone downstairs.

This brave lad knows how to handle Father.  He’ll patiently lead his parent through the bedtime routine.  Naturally the boy won’t mind looking in the closet, behind the drapes and everywhere in between if it will make his anxious father feel better.  The boy will cheerfully hop into bed for a bedtime story.  And he’ll say, after a final hug, “I’ll hear you if you need me in the night.”  Father should feel much better now.  But what’s going to happen when he has to go downstairs alone?

Maybe there are monsters in the house after all.  But can you guess what they are really after? A reassuring story for confident children and timid parents everywhere.

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