The River

A river takes a long and winding path on its way to the ocean. It begins as a humble trickle high in the moutains, and flows through a plethora of landscapes as it grows bigger. Here we witness this journey from the point of view of five little pinecones, who ride the current to find new homes. Along the way, they encounter a woodsy stream, a rushing waterfall, a marshy fork and a big-city delta. One by one, they choose to stop and stay in a particular spot, leaving the rest to continue the trip. Finally, one lone pinecone drifts out to sea, and washes up on another shore, where he begins to sprout. Perfect for introducing young children to ecology and geography, this book brings an original point of view to a little-studied subject.

Nicaragua (Cultures Of The World)

In this book, the authors cover geography, history, government, population, notable residents, and landmarks about Nicaragua in a clear, readable fashion . Brilliant full-color photos and reproductions abound, giving glimpses into historical and modern ways of life. Maps, charts, and graphs are plentiful and informative. Each book concludes with a well-organized survey that includes state bird, flower, song (with music), etc.