Nabulela: A South African Folk Tale

When the village girls cruelly trick the daughter of their king, he will forgive them only if they kill Nabulela, a treacherous white-skinned monster. A tale of the Nguni people


Two Jamaican folk tales in which Anansi the spider practices his trickery on others. Includes an audio cassette featuring narration and music.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

In this version of Andersen’s tale by John A. Rowe, the emperor loves shopping and new clothes, but he is still tricked by two rascals.

Please, Malese! A Trickster Tale from Haiti

Without a penny to his name, Malese takes advantage of his neighbors using his tricky ways, until they catch on, after which he manages to pull an even bigger trick on them.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

“Nothing ever happens here,” the shepherd thinks. But the bored boy knows what would be exciting: He cries that a wolf is after his sheep, and the town’s people come running. How often can that trick work, though?B.G. Hennessy’s retelling of this timeless fable is infused with fanciful whimsy through Boris Kulikov’s hilarious and ingenious illustrations. This tale is sure to leave readers grinning sheepishly.