Peace Tales

Maybe it’s the king who spills honey, and then says it is not his problem until it causes a war. Or maybe it’s some sandpipers and whales who get into a foolish fight that almost destroys their homes. Perhaps it’s the man who thinks that a gun makes him strong, or the monkeys who follow their leader into water that’s too deep.

The Gold Coin

Juan has been a thief for many years. So when he peeks through a crack in Doã Josef´s door and sees a gold coin in her hand, he immediately decides to steal her treasure. Stealing it, however, is not as easy as Juan had thought, and soon he is traveling around the countryside, trying to catch up with the old woman and her gold. But as this original tale with a Central American setting shows, there are other, human kinds of treasure waiting to be discovered.

La Cucarachita Martina

A retelling of the folktale about the criollo cockroach who has many suitors but choses the gentlemanly mouse unaware of his weakness for food. At dinnertime during their first day of marriage, he cannot wait for the meal to be served and jumps into the boiling pot, subsequently dying.

Dick Whittington And His Cat

When Dick Whittington finally gets a ride from the countryside to London, he anticipates a wealthy paradise where the streets are paved with gold. He is shocked, though, to find that the city is in an even worse state than the country! Dick struggles to survive, barely living off scraps of food, until the wealthy merchant Mr. Fitzwarren offers him a job. Still lonely, Dick purchases a cat to comfort him and to kill the rodents in his bedroom. Little does anyone, particularly Dick Whittington, know that this cat will bring many more fortunes than anticipated! Margaret Hodges retells the optimistic story of Dick Whittington’s luck with beautiful acrylic paintings by Melisande Potter.

The Little Red Hen

“Oh joy of joys!” That’s the last line of The Little Red Hen, and it is also the perfect expression of how the book makes readers feel. The beloved story of the hardworking hen and her lazy neighbors, with its Golden Rule message and its sassy finale, is just as relevant and satisfying as ever. And who better to enliven it than the masterful Jerry Pinkney, who, through his warm, winsome, and slyly funny depiction, has created a definitive interpretation of the tale. Cheerful and classically beautiful, this is the ideal edition for every child’s library.

Fair Is Fair

A lawyer and storyteller presents an international collection of folklore–from ancient Greece, Morocco, Germany, China, and Ireland–that provides revealing insights into our conception of justice, crime and punishment, and other legal issues. 30,000 first printing.