The Aztecs (Myths Of The World)

“A retelling of several key Aztec myths, with background information describing the history, geography, belief systems, and customs of the Aztecs”–Provided by publisher.

The Corn Woman: Stories And Legends Of The Hispanic Southwest

The culture, history, and spirit of the Hispanic Southwest are celebrated through 45 fascinating stories and legends from the region. From ancient creation myths of the Aztecs and traditional tales of Spanish colonialists to an eclectic sampling of the work of modern Latino storytellers, this book provides a rich tapestry of both obscure and well-loved stories-religious stories; animal tales; stories of magic, transformation, and wisdom; and chistes (short comic tales). Fifteen tales are also presented in Spanish.

Montezuma and the Aztecs

Montezuma clarifies the differences between Aztec, Mayan, and Inca civilizations, and then discusses Aztec culture, the significance of human sacrifice, the relationships among neighboring towns, European explorers, and Montezuma.