Mr. Tiger

Inspired By The Art And Sport Of Lucha Libre, This Picture Book Follows A Masked Wrestler Who, Although Tough In The Ring, Is Actually Very Shy And Is Looking For A Friend Meet Mr. Tiger, The Bravest, The Strongest, And The Greatest Wrestler In The Ring. With His Trademark Move, The Leap Of The Tiger, He Has Defeated His Most Formidable Rivals: Black Claw, Boogeyman, Constrictor, And Blob. But Outside The Ring, Despite The Muscles And The Fierce Mask, Mr. Tiger Is Painfully Shy. Even Speaking To The Lady He Secretly Admires Seems Impossible–until A Loyal Friend Helps Him Out. Enter The Ring And Find Out What Happens When A Tough Body Houses A Sweet Heart!

Luci Soars

Luci was born without a shadow. Mamá says no one notices. But Luci does. And sometimes others do too. Sometimes they stare, sometimes they tease Luci, and sometimes they make her cry. But when Luci learns to look at what makes her different as a strength, she realizes she has more power than she ever thought. And that her differences can even be a superpower.

Jaya’s Golden Necklace

Jaya’s Golden Necklace is the first children’s book to tell of the origin and cultural roots of the beloved Buddha image. A story of East and West, it teaches lessons and entertains while also opening a door into Asian culture. Set along the Silk Road, Jaya’s journey highlights the interconnected and multicultural worlds of yesterday and today.

Pan de Sal Saves the Day

Although Pan De Sal feels like an outsider because of her name, appearance and lack of fancy possessions, when she is unexpectedly forced into the limelight, her talent and resourcefulness help her win the admiration of her classmates.

Blue Penguin

Far away, near the South Pole, a blue penguin is born. It is not something you see every day. “I feel like a penguin,” says Blue Penguin. “But you’re not like us,” the others tell him. Blue Penguin can’t jump or dive very well, so the others wander off and leave him behind. In his loneliness, Blue Penguin begins to dream, and he starts to sing.

Spots In A Box

A young guinea fowl concerned by his lack of spots sends off for some in the mail. When the box arrives, the spots aren’t quite what he was expecting. After trying on big spots, small spots, striped spots, and even glow-in-the-dark spots, he finds a pattern that suits him perfectly in this touching, quirky celebration of individuality.

From There To Here

A little girl and her family have just moved across the country by train. Their new neighborhood in the city of Toronto is very different from their home in the Saskatchewan bush, and at first everything about “there” seems better than “here.”

The little girl’s dad has just finished building a dam across the Saskatchewan River, and his new project is to build a highway through Toronto. In Saskatchewan, he would come home for lunch every day, but now he doesn’t come until supper. The family used to love to look at the stars, and the northern lights dancing in the night sky. But in the city, all they can see is the glare from the streetlights. All the kids used to run and play together, but now older brother Doug has his own friends.

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