Jon’s Moon

Jon lived with his father close by the sea. Every night Jon’s father went out to sea to fish, and every night, Jon stayed safely at home with the moon to keep him company. All was well until one night a storm raged, and a fugue wave stuck Jon’s father such a blow that it drove the spirit out of him. the spirit sank to the bottom of the seam leaving Jon’s father colorless and cold.

Anno’s Twice Told Tales

This book presents two tales from the Brothers Grimm, combined with Mr. Fox’s highly unusual interpretations of them.

The Man Who Caught Fish

A stranger with a bamboo pole magically catches fish and hands them out to villagers, saying “One person, one fish,” but the king will not be content until he receives a whole basket of fish.

The Fisherman and His Wife

A kind and gentle fisherman catches a talking dolphin. The wondrous beast begs to be freed, and the fisherman gladly complies. Aghast that her husband has asked for nothing in return from the dolphin, the fisherman’s wife insists that he find the creature and ask that it grant them a wish. Given one wish, the wife desires more and more, until she asks for the unthinkable.