Puffin Lives: The 14th Dalai Lama

Portrait of a man who is a living embodiment of the ideals of peace, democracy and freedom perfect for young readers! The road to Lhasa was lined with people who had gathered to see the new reincarnation. Dressed in finery they thronged the streets waiting for a glimpse of their new ruler. Looking out of his carriage, the Dalai Lama saw people crying with joy. Their Kundun had returned. Born to a family of farmers in a remote corner of Tibet, Lhamo Dhondup, was recognized as the fourteenth reincarnation of the Dalai Lama at the age of two. He took charge of his country in 1950 when the Chinese invaded Tibet.

Jon’s Moon

Jon lived with his father close by the sea. Every night Jon’s father went out to sea to fish, and every night, Jon stayed safely at home with the moon to keep him company. All was well until one night a storm raged, and a fugue wave stuck Jon’s father such a blow that it drove the spirit out of him. the spirit sank to the bottom of the seam leaving Jon’s father colorless and cold.

Hob and the Peddler

Hob, an invisible house spirit who works hard for his family, even though they don’t know he is there. “Hob’s work is putting little things right, like folding away trampled thoughts, mending arguments, drying up spilt tears, unkicking bruises, or unscorching the milk pan.” In this second adventure, a peddler sells Hob to a new-and seemingly perfect-family. But Hob soon discovers a huge, horrible secret living in their pond. Accustomed to smaller, domestic problems, Bog must use every ounce of his power and wit to prevent the giant catastrophe looming ahead.