Tiptop Cat

A curious cat plus a big fall leads to squashed confidence. How this cat bounces back will encourage readers everywhere to try, try again. Eye-catching art and crisp graphic paneling invite even the youngest of children to get back on their feet to explore the city alongside TipTop Cat.

Jon’s Moon

Jon lived with his father close by the sea. Every night Jon’s father went out to sea to fish, and every night, Jon stayed safely at home with the moon to keep him company. All was well until one night a storm raged, and a fugue wave stuck Jon’s father such a blow that it drove the spirit out of him. the spirit sank to the bottom of the seam leaving Jon’s father colorless and cold.

Jo Jo the Giant

JoJo may be small, but his heart is big and so are his dreams. The red Rocket Racers in the window of Smiling Sam’s Shoe Shop could be his, but only if he can stand up to the big kids and run the race of his life. The boy in the mirror looks doubtful, but the boy standing in front of it is going to try. Anything could happen!

Hob and the Peddler

Hob, an invisible house spirit who works hard for his family, even though they don’t know he is there. “Hob’s work is putting little things right, like folding away trampled thoughts, mending arguments, drying up spilt tears, unkicking bruises, or unscorching the milk pan.” In this second adventure, a peddler sells Hob to a new-and seemingly perfect-family. But Hob soon discovers a huge, horrible secret living in their pond. Accustomed to smaller, domestic problems, Bog must use every ounce of his power and wit to prevent the giant catastrophe looming ahead.


Todd is living a very troubled life, which causes him to be involved with a gang and do poorly at school, but after he buries a dead fox, a fox-spirit offers him the chance to become a fox himself and Todd must decide what is the best thing for him to do in his situation.