R Is for Russia

From Dacha to Winter Palace, from Easter Eggs to Kremlin, here is a photographic alphabet of everything we love best about Russia. The Russian Federation is a vast land of forests and steppes, deserts, rivers, lakes and big cities. Over centuries of splendour, revolution and change, our country has produced some of the greatest scientists, sportsmen and women, writers, dancers and composers in the world. As you turn the pages of this book, you will see many of the things which make Russia so special: its fine palaces and churches, its musical and cultural traditions, its magnificent scenery and spectacular winter landscapes – and you will also see the food, the sports, as well as ordinary Russian people going about their everyday lives.

Anno’s Spain

The imaginative Anno takes us through Spain in his newest journey book, depicting the enchanting cities and eras of this intriguing country. Wordless book.

Confetti: Poemas Para Ninos/ Poems For Children (Spanish Edition)

In this joyful and spirited collection, award-winning poet Pat Mora and fine artist Enrique O. Sanchez celebrate the vivid landscape of the Southwest and the delightful rapport that children share with the natural world. Through language that resounds with the harmony of both English and Spanish, Confetti is also an anthem to the power of a child’s imagination and pride.